Plan Nine From Outer Space

Plan Nine cast

On October 30th, 2015 – WGRA Radio Theatre debuted with a one-night only, all-star adaptation of the Ed Wood film Plan Nine From Outer Space.


The cast featured:

Narrator                             Christian Alsis
Danny                                 Chris McGee
Jeff                                      Matt Schmid
Edith (Flight Attendant)  Shannon DeVido
Gravedigger #1 / Operator             Brett Raider
Gravedigger #2  /Man Mourner     Earl Harris
Woman Mourner               Katie Cwirko
Inspector Clay                    Rob Alessiani
Patrolman Larry                Dru Kramscak
Lt Harper (Cop)                 Brian Craig
Paula                                    Samantha Craig
Kelton                                  Trevor Miles
Army Guy                           Matt Jay
Col. Edwards                       Quentin Alexander
Alien Ruler                          Paul Trigianni
Eros                                      Joe Pants
Tanna                                   Julia Celly
General Roberts                 Dave Hill

Sound effects were performed by Jack O’Keefe.
Music performed by Mortimer LaGrippe (Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra)

The production was produced by Joseph R Moore (Philly Improv Theatre)
and directed by Vincent P. DiCostanzo.

We hope you enjoy the show.


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