Thank You!

A HUGE “THANK YOU!” to everyone who joined us last night!

Thank you to Kate & Aaron (Good Good Comedy) for supporting our quirky little show.

Thank you to The Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra for – again – giving us a splendid soundtrack.

And, of course – thank you to the AMAZING cast who pulled it all together:
Our host, Mr. Rob Alesiani
Mr. Dan Corkery as Detective Hawk
Miss Julia Hudson as Miss Pennywhistle
with Mr. Brian Craig, Mr. Quintin Alexander, Mr. Matt Holmes
and introducing Miss Julia Celley as Althea Granville.

We’ll be back on the air in October!

Motive: Murder is BACK!

We are SO EXCITED to bring Motive: Murder! back to life on the Good Good Comedy stage!

Our first original script, Motive: Murder! is a choose-your-own-adventure-style radioplay. The first audience solved the mystery…so for this show – we’re adding a few new twists!

We are excited to have our ORIGINAL CAST back as well as the PHILLY UKULELE ORCHESTRA.

Rumor has it we’ll also have some t-shirts on sale, too!

Motive: Murder! will be presented by Good Good Comedy at Plays & Players Theater (1714 Delancey Pl, Phila, PA) on Thursday, August 18th @ 8:30pm.


Motive: MURDER! (Jan 28th, 2016) is ON THE AIR!

On January 28th, 2016 – WGRA Radio Theatre debuted our first original show – Motive: MURDER! A hard-boiled-choose-your-own-adventure case from the files of Jonathan Hawks, detective.

The plot was driven by suggestions from the audience.

Did they solve the case?

Listen for yourself!


The evening’s performance featured:
Mr. Dan Corkery as Detctive Hawks
Miss Julia Hudson as Miss Pennywhistle

Mr. Brian Craig
Mr. Quinton J. Alexander
Mr. Matt Holmes as
and introducing Miss Julia Celley as Althea Granville.

Mr. Patrick Reber was our host.

Motive: Murder! was written, directed and foley-ed by Mr. Vincent DiCostanzo.
Produced by Mr. Aaron Nevins & Miss Kate Banford of Good Good Comedy.

Music was performed by The Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra.


“Motive: Murder!”

We can’t send out enough “Thank You”s to all who attended and performed in our latest production – “Motive: MURDER!”

Our wonderful cast helped put together a wonderful fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants show, and the grand folks of the Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra added an amazing soundtrack to our evening.

Thanks once again to the great, great folks at Good Good Comedy for allowing us to take their stage and put on our most experimental show yet!

And thank you to OUR AUDIENCE who helped solve the mystery!

All programs form the case of Detective Jon Hawks have multiple endings – so we can’t see where the audience of our next performance takes us!

The broadcast will be posted soon – STAY TUNED!

Motive: MURDER! Coming Soon!

Thanks to the good good folks at Good Good Comedy – we are proud to present our newest – and first original – broadcast!

Motive: MURDER! is a hard-boiled choose-your-own-adventure story where the audience controls the story!

The show features an amazing cast and the musical stylings of The Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra.


at the Plays & Players Theater
1714 Delancey Pl., Phila. PA

Reserve $5 Tickets Here (no fees!):